Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Miniture toys

This is a picture that is taken from the back of the army men of the army war in there eyes this is what the little miniture toys are seeing

On a rainy day i went outside and made a little play land on the track of miniture soilder men and set them up as they were going to war.our main task was to take the photos on as many angles as possible and be the proffesional camera man that i am i succeeded.

Force perspective

Whats a Force perspective? A force perspective is when in my insight is when one object makes another object smaller.you might be thinking how are we able to do it. Well this is how you put a smaller object closer to the camera and put another object farther from the camera and make it appear like its holding the object.

having fun with bubbles

This is just a random bubble roaming of into the air feeling free at last instead of being trapped into that hidious bubble
This is also a great photo it was taken on a normal day and what cool about this photo is that the photo is being taken through the bubble to include helen trams face
 We went out side and took out proffessial skills and cameras, and blew bubbles and took fun fantastic rainbow colors pictures of bubbles and looked at them then reflected on how different enviorments can affect the picture quality.