Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sunlight portraits

My teacher Anderson has recently assighned us to a project requiring us to take a picture of a single person with the sun light hitting the front, back,and left and right side of a person face.This catches the effect of sunlight placing good pictures with great pictures.These particliar pictures are the pictures on a fabulous day in rain city seattle where the sun depending where you are at came at all angles.For these pictures there is a rule for the pictures. And this is called the rulle of thirds.You might be asking what is the rule of thirds.The rule of thirds is when you hold the capture botton but half way to make the camera focus and you will see a box with nine columns in it. After you see the box try to capture the picture of the persons' eye to match up with the line of the column.
                                     This is jose williams taking a picture with
                                      a great tan with the sunlight facing directly
                                      to his face.

This is a picture of jose williams with the sun facing the
left of his face.

This is a picture of jose williams of the sunlight facing
the right side of his face.

This is a prefect example of how the rule of 3rds work the eyes
\are lineing up directly with the lines of the column

Thursday, March 17, 2011

claymation animation

a claymation animation is basically a movie made by clay. you might be thinking how . well theres really nothing to it what  a claymation animation is really just a bunch of photos of your avatar in different postitions being put together in a windows movie maker. if this really sounds cool go to start then go top accessories and find windows movie maker and get stated.

i connect with this photo because because as a kid i used to watch a alot of claymation shows and i would never ever realize it until now

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1765 joseph niepce

joseph was a photographer he made live animations in 1765 which was extremely hard because it took hours to get 1 single camera

Monday, March 7, 2011

flip book

what a flip book is is a paged note cards any amount with pictures in different motions drawn and depending on how many pages you have ough them and it shows you a bunch of motions. awsome right try it out

Motion Pictures

recently me and my friends vidinkedink and timbo slice have made a  movie out of pictues of motions causing the pictures to move. this concept is really simple there is a program on accesories windows movie maker that will help you do this. we did this to show how they made movies back then by taking pictures and making motions.